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The Enterprise blockchain market will grow 10x to $2.3B in the next 5 years

We Help Fortune 500 Companies
Work With Blockchain Technology

Focused on use cases in key verticals that include:
Customer Data

New identity systems will give consumers more power over their data. Companies will have access to more higher quality data through data provenance tracking and direct sharing between companies.

Legal & Contracts

Smart contracts can be more secure than traditional contract law. Also, they can reduce a number of transaction costs associated with contracting, since the blockchain cuts out any middlemen.

Real Estate

Real estate development companies are employing Blockchain to track complex projects that span across companies, for complex contracts and as a potential source of financing.

Financial Services

This industry has been an early adopter of Blockchain technology in the form of cryptocurrency support, global payments and the creation of new financial instruments.

Supply Chain Management

Fortune 500 CPGs and restaurant chains are using distributed ledgers to track products through global supply chains. Cryptocurrency may soon be used in countries with unstable local currencies.

Content and Distribution

Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize content financing and how it is commercialized. New forms of micropayments and DRM will empower creators and reduce piracy.


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The HyperFab Team

Deep experience in Blockchain and scaling Enterprise technology companies.
Rob Bailey
Managing Director and Co Founder
Robert Schwentker
Founding Advisor
Ed Sim
Co Founder, Boldstart Ventures
Eliot Durbin
Co Founder, Boldstart Ventures
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